A Whole Lot of Dota2 and a bit of a dragon

This week I have been watching all of the dota2 Internationals – as a bad dota2 player and a very keen watcher of the game it has been a wonderful week.

I had hoped to get a lot of book done but real life and early st arts have made it a very poor week for writing. Still sometimes you need a little brain break and I am super keen to get back into editing.

Art wise I have my water color pencils now and still learning how to use them – its very different to drawing with normal pencils. I have also been looking at a lot of how-to videos on art in order to learn some new things and prevent my skill level from an early plateau.

Its also really nice to see a few more of the blogging community – https://sparksinthehorizon.wordpress.com/2015/08/05/jurassic-blog-day-5/ has been deep into the learning and is showing a lot of great talent.

Painting takes me a lot longer than pencil so I haven’t completed anything major yet.

Practice painting – quick tree and plants.
2015-08-03 12.01.56


And a dragon




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