Finished Dragon, Started an Orc

I finished up the first water-color pencil dragon. I am still very much in love with the way these work – its a perfect medium for me and I cant wait to find enough time to do some more.

Final Dragon:
Image (6)

After completing the dragon I decided to go back and finish off my World of Warcraft steampunk conversions. I decided I would do a very dapper orc lad with top-hat and vest.

Basic outline

Refining lines

Sketching Outlines

In theory I am still subscribed to Everquest & Everquest2 but havent had much time to play either. I have done a little more dota practice – working on insuring my creep waves stay near my tower to avoid ganking. Also working on increasing my farm rate so my spectre carry comes online earlier.

None of that may make any sense if you havent played a Moba 😀

I also installed Ryzom again and picked up my wee magician. There is such a charm about this mmo, it is a pity that it never gained main stream appeal. I guess a sandbox like game produced so long ago was a little before its time.

Strangely the screen shots seem a little blurred, I guess the game has shaking hands or something!

My wee mage

Nuking a bird thing

Decay has the best casting animation

Plodding along through edits, into chapter 2 now and finding lots to improve.
I was thinking of taking my ten cats poem (re-posted below) and doing a single art sheet around it with lots of cats.

Ten cats collectively is clearly a caterwaul
I briefly considered, it could be a cacophony

But after ten cats constantly cavorting,
Climbing, clambering, claw filled carnival

Ten cats collectively is clearly a caterwaul
I briefly mulled that it could be a maelstrom

But after ten cats mousing, meowing,
Masquerading moggies, marauding through meadows

Ten cats collectively is clearly a caterwaul
I briefly thought it could be a turbulence

But after ten cats tearaway, trouncing, tagging,
Terrorising toms, troubling their territories

After considerable contemplation,
indelible, irrefutable,
Ten cats collectively is clearly a caterwaul.

And the soundcloud by the international man of mystery @ctmurfy!


9 thoughts on “Finished Dragon, Started an Orc

  1. tyrannodorkus says:

    Of course the orc wouldn’t be complete without a top hat, just wouldn’t be very gentile of him. 🙂

    Whew, that poem is a doozy. Are you able to read it aloud without getting tongue twisted?

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