Practicing and more practicing and a little bit of gaming


After feeling like I was spending a lot of time failing to do what I wanted in art I decided the answer was to practice more. I try and draw each day but nothing beats focusing on various tricky bits and improving so below is my current collection of sketches.

Pine Lined Mountain

2015-08-24 17.52.53

Dwarf (with bonus fingers)

2015-08-28 16.57.17


IMAG0816 2015-08-30 08.22.172015-08-30 08.35.48

Wolf eye


Glass of water


Face Sketch (had my son on my lap so its a rather quick sketch :D)

2015-08-30 09.31.10

And a draenei (world of warcraft race) that I might improve a bit and actually make into a detailed sketch.

2015-08-30 11.47.39

And finally I managed to do a little more detailing on my steampunk orc in between child assistance.

2015-08-30 09.47.25


Finished off another chapter editing and actually woke up with another book in my head so I scribbled down the basics of it and drew a picture before putting it aside. Now I know what I am going to write for this years Nanowrimo!


I haven’t had a lot of time to game but In some breaks from life I managed to push on with my baldurs gate adventures. Things were going really well until today when my game seemed to have corrupted and think I am constantly pressing keys. Very frustrating – hopefully it was due to something else running messing up the dosbox otherwise I’m not sure if I will want to restart.

Today I went back and played some Diablo III – my first impressions of this game on release were not favorable but I am pleased to see that after a few years it has become a fun ARPG. Still not as cool as Path of Exile but definitely worth giving a go.

After watching some Pax streaming I am very keen to see how Sword Coast Legends turns out. Have added it to my wishlist – not keen enough to pre-order but close.

And I have also been sneaking in a bit of everquest2 when I can but haven’t progressed my ratonga beyond the level 10 I dinged a bit ago. Hopefully will have time to push onward as its been a lot of fun when I have played.


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