ArcheAge 2.0 Restart Attempt 1

Screenshot 2015-09-14 17.17.47

Well despite having a rough restart I decided to give the new 2.0 version of ArcheAge a once over. I am playing the free to play version so I might encounter more frustrations than a patron would. ArcheAge has always been a game I have wanted to like, much like Guildwars2, but I have not been able to connect with the world yet.

First I want to make a new character to see what the game is like from the newbie experience – so seeing if I can actually delete any of mine or if they still have the ridiculous “You must wait x days before delete goes through.”

Sadly the game fails right out the gate with the 23 hours to delete a level 14 character. Why they cannot just go with a “are you sure” or a 1 hour per level above 40 or something but to lock anyone out of the game for a full day for a newbie toon is just silly.

Screenshot 2015-09-14 17.26.37

On the bottom of the character list it says you can have 4 characters total but I have to assume this patron only – another thing that would be nice if they made very clear.

And do not attempt to alt tab out of the game when its in full screen. This left me staring at a monitor of darkness with a flashing pointer and some ok music playing. (Had to close and relaunch)

So far so frustrating. Will pick up tomorrow sadly and see if I can make a character then.


8 thoughts on “ArcheAge 2.0 Restart Attempt 1

  1. Kiwi Gaming (@Kiwidream101) says:

    Hi, it was a rocky start for sure for everyone! Just to let you know you can have two characters free across all servers. On NA or EU you can have 6 total if you wish to pay for 4 more on top of your original 2 BUT you can only have 4 on each server. Once you understand economics and faction possibilities it makes sense why it is this way. Also the roll backs happened purely because only 10% of players could log in, such a low number encouraged the decision to lock everyone out and fix Glyph. All this info is on forums.

  2. Ashgar says:

    I think we ran into this a few months back. It takes 24 hours to delete a character above level 10, and I think a week to delete a character above some higher threshold, I think 40.

    We also ran onto the character thing, because the screen in-game doesn’t make that very intuitive. Even if you are paying, additional character slots per server aren’t free.

  3. Jay says:

    If you’d like to alt-tab more often, go into your graphics settings and choose “Borderless Windowed Mode”. This will let you tab to your heart’s content (subject to your computer’s ability).

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