ArcheAge First Steps

Well after 24 hours waiting for my old character to delete I was finally able to remake a new character.

I chose elf and Vitalism to start with as you cannot choose Songcraft as a main build and upon reaching level 5 I picked up the Songcraft.


Levels early on raced along, so fast that I was 9th before an hours play. The other thing they now include is a 24 hour unlock chest that rewards you with xp and other boosts and today it gave me earrings and rings.

Overall the new leveling experience has been Warcraft like in its speed. Considering the quality of quests to be on par with WoW its probably a good thing as I couldn’t bring myself to read any beyond the first newbie zone.

So far not a lot of obvious changes but plenty of small quality of life polishes.

Getting your own mount is great still.(Even if it isnt as cool as my Everquest2’s cow-rex)


First hour I found myself wanting to see the next area and do the next quest so I have to say I have been happy enough with the experience so far.

Swimming is almost as nice as Guildwars2



So I will continue my journey tomorrow and see how much further the fun will take me.



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