ArcheAge Caretaker and Unexpected Patron

My continuing journey in ArcheAge took an unexpected bonus twist today when I logged into discover I had been granted patron for a limited time. This made a huge different to my labor points, they had skyrocketed from 20 to 2834 since I had last played.


With those in the bank I set about leveling up and in a short amount of time I hit level 10 and unlocked the last of my skill sets the Defense.  Now I am the Caretaker Class, a combination of the three least played skill trees.

A bit of research and I discovered the class is a support/healer with a higher survival chance in pvp than the cleric but without the pure healing output. I will be interested to see how well they do in group content/pvp or if you get shouted at for not being a cleric.

I noticed that most of the defense tree involves shields and bashing so I put aside my polearm and picked up a spiked club and shield. I also picked up a bit more plate armor that looked very sparkly.


The chest unlock this time had 45, 53 and 54th level items in it so not so useful at the moment. I also started running out of space in my bags, the game helpfully suggesting that I spend some coin in the shop to expand my backpack. Its not actually a bad idea but instead I found a merchant and dumped all my spare junk on them.


I have seen a lot of crafting tables but haven’t had much luck finding any crafting mats – there seems to be a fairly good spread of players harvesting everything, everywhere.

A fun 40 minutes saw me log out at level 11 and hoping for some more patron experience when I log back on.


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