Teenage ArcheAge

I managed to grab a bit more play time today – noticed that the servers are rather healthy at the moment. No queues but I wonder how far off those are. Normally as I play in New Zealand time (GMT +12) most mmo’s are medium population at best.


Continuing onward from level 10 I have now begun the teenage years of my character. I noticed immediately that the experience bar had slowed but not too much. The first 10 levels zoomed by and it looks like the 10-20 march is going to take at least twice as long.

The nice thing about beyond level 10 is that my collection of plate armor is growing and I have a rare sword to match.


The quest hubs continue drawing you along, never staying in one spot too long but enough to see a bit of the countryside, find a few creatures to fight and even a bit of crafting materials to gather. The actual country is rather well done, going a little misty in parts as I traveled through them.


No Quilboar were discovered in the thorns alas!

The story progressed with various cut scenes which told a dream story. The actual story itself was okay.


And finally I was given a scarecrow farm and planted some cotton. Its nice that any of these activities give you experience points (it is a sandbox in theory(despite having endless quests so far)) and I managed to get a complete level out of farming, crafting and setting up my plot.

Not a lot of land free!


Found a gap, building the scarecrow


Not a lot of Scare in this Scarecrow


Ta-da! Plot built and now – cotton time


It should be ready in a few hours to harvest I just need to remember to return and collect it.

Now that I have a few more abilities the combo system in fighting is starting to have a big impact on battles. I can set off three combos atm – one ends with a fear ability, one does massive damage and the other knocks foes prone. Overall this extra addition lifts very standard tab+button combat (which is fine and I actually prefer it to “active combat”) and gives it a lot more fun things to do.


The only thing that still is a pain is the lack of inventory space – even with selling all my junk when I encounter a merchant I am finding that loot flows in rapidly enough to quickly fill them up again. There isnt a great deal of variety in looks so far for weapons and armor but enough to make you feel like you are progressing up the power levels.

Some of the various weapons and armor so far

Starting gear with a bit of leather upgraded


Same with a big sword


More upgrades with a pole arm now


First bits of plate and starting to run out of space!


A hat!


Level 13 now and still having a good time questing. Looking forward to seeing what is over the next hill and how the story unfolds.


3 thoughts on “Teenage ArcheAge

  1. Xannziee says:

    I get nostalgic when i read about your adventures in AA. I started in august (closed beta) more than a year ago. I still sub but has lost connection with the game and friends. And i dunno if i ever will find my way back… its always hard return I guess…

    • melbrankin says:

      Nod – Im the same with WoW and Final Fantasy 14 – its hard when you disconnect from a game world. Its kinda why I always wanted to find a game with all my mates but they sadly dont exist.

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