The Slow Road of Improvement

Its true in art, gaming and writing that there is nothing that is going to improve your skills more than just getting into it and doing lots and lots. Well that is how it has been for me.

The journey I’ve documented in this blog has been a great learning tool and a labor of love

I still make lots of mistakes in all three of my hobbies but overall I think I can comfortably say that I have improved a great deal since the start.

First art I posted

2013-10-29 22.19.26

Current Work in progress

2015-09-20 09.48.01

And sure as I have said before – this is a journey not the end point so I hope in a few years to look back on these and see once more how much I have improved.

One thing I changed with art was practice – I now spend a lot of time just drawing – often I will get stuck and spend a few hours on youtube watching artists explaining how various techniques work and that has been an amazing resource to tap into.

The other resource I use is the fabulous artists I follow on twitter – I really enjoy looking at every ones style and how they achieve their art.

Below are some of my current misc practice bits – so much to learn and having so much fun learning!

2015-09-15 17.00.392015-09-11 07.44.262015-09-10 21.12.532015-09-15 17.23.202015-09-15 18.57.18IMAG08652015-09-17 13.29.49


2 thoughts on “The Slow Road of Improvement

  1. Missy says:

    You have come a long way 🙂 I am currently having a break, but I must start drawing again soon. I too, use Youtube for tips and advice, it’s such an awesome tool when it comes to learning 🙂

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