Slowly Falling and Slowing Rising

I unlocked my glider during a quest last session and promptly launched of a cliff to fly slowly down to the township. I have to say that the flight was a heck of a lot of fun with it ending when I crashed gracefully *cough* into a house.

Errr look out below – uncontrolled healer incoming!


As I leveled up I managed to pickup a neat looking bow and fill out the rest of my plate gear save for the helm which remains leather. I also swapped to a scepter now – had a really nice blue one drop which was much better spirit(healing stat) than the sword I was swinging about.


Along the way I also picked up some “plate” armor that did the thing I’ve been impressed with the armor in AA not doing – the “we don’t really need armor on our vitals as a women” look. Its had a cold snap in the weather here, despite being spring time and I was feeling colder just looking at my poor elf.

We are not amused!


Fortunately it wasn’t actually as good for my class as the plate armor I had so it was back to being protected were it counts.

Yes I like my intestines on the insides thanks.


The other thing I have been doing on my journey is snapshotting some great vistas – the game has done its scenery really well so far. I especially like the mountains and high alpine forests

2015-09-20_000602015-09-20_00056 2015-09-20_000622015-09-20_00044


Level 17 now and looking forward to twenty when I can put some armor on my mount. The levels are still coming rapidly with the experience boost and patron bonus.


4 thoughts on “Slowly Falling and Slowing Rising

  1. Xannziee says:

    Lovely pictures! And you will have tons of fun building and sailing a boat. The water is amazing in this game. U can also search for treasures and achievements under water:):)
    Have fun!

    • melbrankin says:

      I’m looking forward to seeing all that stuff – it feels like so much of the sandbox side of the game is hidden when you first start. I mean I get a basic plot of land but the ability to own a house/boat/etc is unseeable as a newbie. The crafting seems similar – more for advanced characters than new players which I think is a major flaw.

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