ArcheAge Fumbling Farmer & Maker of Soup

So my journey into Archeage is slowly progressing – the late teens are upon me and the world has opened up a bit which has been a nice distraction from the straight questing game.

I played some cotton in my scarecrow farm and harvested and turned it into cloth. I still cant do anything with the cloth but its nice to have a logical way to get cloth – the WoW drop off mobs etc never feels as good as actually harvesting cotton or sheering a sheep for wool  to me.

I followed up the cotton with wheat and encountered a new thing to fix in the farm – wilted crops – the problem was I could not see any way to resolve it in game (So far all I have had to do to make my crops happy was to water them).  A quick search of the local shops did not have the organic fertilizer that the wilting said it needed. So after searching bags and running around a bit I had to hit up redit for the answer. Turns out I needed to go back to the public farm and pick it up off a merchant there.

Need something you say?


It didn’t cost a lot of time but I do think its that kinda of lack of polish that impacts a games health over the long term. The other wee oddity is that a lot of these merchants still speak Korean. Its not a big thing, I actually kinda like it but its another unpolished aspect of the port to the west. Fortunately nothing important is said in game without English subtitles but still.

With my wheat saved I was able to harvest it and complete the cooking quest I had been on which turned out to give me another quest to make some soup which gave me a hat as a reward!


I do love it when games invest time and effort in these kind of rewards – enabling players to work away at whatever they like and feel like its progress. I know that is the strength of a sandbox game but for the most part in these early levels its hard to see the sandbox for the questing in ArcheAge.

On my way between public farm and my scarecrow farm I did spot a new big boss in the air elemental – reminds me a bit of Everquest2 where you would get a random big boss mob spawning every-so-often. Sadly its level and star rating was a tad high for me to try attack.


I had the next quest lead me out of the teen zone and into the next transition zone. I do like the flow of these zones so far – I haven’t had that jarring desert to jungle to ice plains disconnect you get with poorly placed climates.

Its a road, with bandits and hills.


The carts are steampunkish in their appearance – I have no idea what is driving it though!


On the downside if you didn’t like green rolling hills you would be a little sad now.


6 thoughts on “ArcheAge Fumbling Farmer & Maker of Soup

  1. bhagpuss says:

    I can hardly believe they still haven’t translated the Korean text. I thought it was shoddy that they’d left it that way a year ago but if it’s still there I can only imagine Trion have no intention of translating it at all. Honestly, how hard can it be to translate some text files? I’m sure someone in the community would do it for some kind of in-game reward if they don’t want to spend the money. It smacks of a lack of interest in and respect for both the game and the players that something like this is just left to lie fallow.

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