ArcheAge Farm Wastelands

I managed to get a few moments to continue my Archeage adventure but now without the patron bonus which sadly expired.  It will be interesting to see how quickly my labor points are consumed now that they are not regenerating off line.

The lack of labor points was the main reason I felt FTP version of AA was really impossible if you wanted to get the full experience from the game.

Shedding some tears as Patron expires


I have been too busy adventuring to look after my farm so when I popped back today most of my crops had died. It was a trivial investment in coin to buy the seed so no reall issue there other than the loss of harvest.

I did notice however I was not a lone in farmside abandonment – the entire free farm block looked like a sad wasteland of diseased and dying crops.

2015-10-01_000132015-10-01_00015 2015-10-01_000172015-10-01_00011

In fact parts of the farm looked more like a scarecrow graveyard than any place to grow things!


Its interesting to see a feature not utilized or at least abandoned mid utilization and it got me wondering why I wasn’t keeping up my my plot. It came down to the following factors.

What is the use of a farm

I know the obvious use of a farm but in the context of the starting game when you are given your farm you are mid questing and there is zero reason to stick about at the farm once you have unlocked it. The game never references the farm again except to put it on your starting map and there appears to be no further quests related to it by the late teens.


I mentioned last post or so that I needed to find some organic fertilizer and had to look up online where to locate a vendor. This should have been a quest or at least had a hint of where to look and even though I know where a vendor is its actually a distance from the farm. Not a large distance but enough to wilt my enthusiasm for constant trips to buy them.

Whats next

After you build your scarecrow farm you see about you a lot of houses, fences and other buildings associated with other farmers but there is no indication how to get them. A clear upgrade path (if it exists) and the material required to collect to build these things could have easily be included in a quest chain. As it stands the entire farm feels like its easy to abandon and unimportant.

I think some of the problem is that at this level Archage doesn’t know what game its trying to be. The quests and day to day play is very much theme-park and leading from quest hub to quest hub but every-so-often it tries to remind you that its actually a sandbox. These crafting, farming, non questing experiences however feel tacked on, artificial and unrelated to the majority of what the game is about..

On an unrelated note – some of the game is really lovely to star gaze at!


Leveling is slowing now I am 18 and the quests mobs are a little repetitive – a lot of bandits on hills for the most part so my drive to get to 20 is starting to drop. With the free to play release of  Wildstar it is getting tempting to park my adventures for a true theme-park game and see what space with evil hamsters has to offer!

Any thoughts are most welcome.


10 thoughts on “ArcheAge Farm Wastelands

  1. Xannziee says:

    nonono! The farm is the key to the game! The questing is secondary 🙂 But i understand its not easy to play AA without a Guild. A Guild is almost necessary because u lack so much information. Iv seen ppl succeed in the game without patron. But you have to have a computer to camp your char on so its online as much as possible.

    You can also level your mount afkish. Then u can get a licence and sell stuff you farm on AH so u can buy a patron pass for gold. Thats how ppl do it without patron. its a lot of work in the beginning but once u get it going it will be a lot easier 😉
    Trade runs, thats how you make Money too. Mine stones. Open coin purses and sell some stuff u get from them besides the gold. There is multiple ways to earn Money in game and its all about earning Money, not questing!

    And you level as much on crafting and farming as questing. But you have to be ONLINE a lot, at least until you get a patron pass again! Then it will roll on by itself, almost 😀

    • melbrankin says:

      Yeah I think you highlight AA biggest failing – there is no where that any of that is taught during the first 18 levels of the game.

      I know its a sandbox in theory but it hides all its sandbox away in unexplained sections that don’t appear to relate to the actual game I’m currently playing. Its a very long journey to expect players to continue on with unless they want to play the theme-park game. Then there is the other side of that – if they game suddenly stops being a themepark and I am enjoying questing etc you are going to loose a portion of players when their game switches.

      • Xannziee says:

        Ay a sandbox is like this. And this is a bit old fashion maybee. For good or bad. Nowadays its sometimes maybee too easy.. .. ic heard tales about the old style mmo where it was very very diffcult to figure out stuff.
        There is also a lot of very good tutorials out there:)

      • melbrankin says:

        Nod, I started with MuDs and EverQuest so not unused to having to work things out as required. My main thought is that AA doesn’t present itself as old school, sandpark when you start.

        I wonder the impact of it being a muddle of mixed game styles has on its population. Would be interested to see stats on when people are quitting the game.

      • Xannziee says:

        I think it might be that a lot of pve ppl quit after leveling as u say. But the crafting and farming in game is quite fun. so if ppl quit before trying it they might lose a quite nice experience:)

      • Xannziee says:

        There are quite a few crafting quests u can take at blue salt brotherhood. And also trade run quests to get farms and donkeys. Google is your best friend otherwise. And i can mentor you ^^

      • melbrankin says:

        I have the same criticism with other games too. When your player base can’t find answers in game a portion of them will ask google etc and a portion will stop playing.

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