Hunter Finished & Burning Some ArchAge Labour


So I completed this picture which unfortunately is too big for my now broken scanner to scan. Oh wait its broke so never mind 😀

Next I’m drawing a barbarian for  who has been waiting patiently  (or at least hasn’t reminded me that I was going to draw something for him.) for a while now.

It is nice to see drawings improving slowly, still lots to work on as always but fairly happy with this.

2015-10-04 08.58.08



I made an archer in AA to see how leveling would go if I ignored all the questing other than crafting/harvesting and played it as a sandbox right from the start.


Running about harvesting was interesting – you actually got a reasonable amount of experience from chopping down trees and mining and a little from finding herbs.


After I had chopped enough I found a trading hub and spend a bit of coin on the blue salt knife required to process most of the herbs and vegetables I had collected. I have to say I am not a fan of consumable knives to chop a bunch of vegetables – it seems daft and just a rubbishy cash sink and it also removes the ability to craft said knife from a smith.  Its a small grumble but in a sandbox imho everything should be crafted.

Turning wood into lumber with sparkles!


On the upside of gathering I did discover a lot of fantastic places to visit as below.


And discovered some serious livestock farms!


And cute hidden quests and rewards like the bag on the rock I found. Gave some lore and some experience.


Playing the pure crafting game seems like a lot more work than it was in The Elderscrolls so I will wait and see how further I go but it did open my eyes up to the other things you can do in  game asides from following endless quest hubs.



5 thoughts on “Hunter Finished & Burning Some ArchAge Labour

  1. Xannziee says:

    Lovely drawing!
    Gorgeous archer *_* And about AA, the best thing to do is craft/farm and when out of labor- start questing. Then go afk to generate labor while u r having your dinner. No sleep!:):)

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