Inktober Efforts and not a lot of Gaming!

I discovered inktober this year, the art of creating one picture in ink a day for the month of October. Having never really played with ink I thought it might be a fun time to experiment.

So below are some of my efforts so far.
Quick sketch of umm a face
2015-09-30 13.25.01

Quick sketch of a dragon
2015-10-01 09.26.58

Quick sketch of bird
2015-10-05 10.43.58

Ink Pen Face
2015-10-05 20.19.02

Crows in Flight
2015-10-06 21.06.37

Quick sketch of bamboo
2015-10-08 08.46.56

Bamboo at night
2015-10-08 20.09.41

2015-10-10 12.23.37

I also started a mini web comic – trying something very different to my normal art.
Comic strip is called Ort.
2015-10-08 15.14.49

2015-10-10 09.04.17

I’ll endeavor to continue with her story, I have it mapped out enough for a few months of art.

Writing wise I have finished another few chapters – not sure I will make my December goal yet but have crossed the 45k mark now so half way there!

I really having had a lot of chances to game. I tried the free to play Wildstar, some more Archeage and logged into World of Warcraft and logged back out again. My main issue remains unresolved. All my NZ play time friends are scattered about or don’t play MMO’s so it doesn’t give me a lot of group time which is what I love about mmo gaming.

I play dota2 and a bit of diablo3 which are both a lot of fun but I am finding myself increasingly drifting between worlds. Still I have plenty of things to occupy myself but I dont want to fall out of mmo’s completely.


8 thoughts on “Inktober Efforts and not a lot of Gaming!

    • melbrankin says:

      Yeah – I think mostly its my fault – I have so little time to play that its really hard for people to connect with me even if they wanted too. As with most things in life there is a large dash of self responsibility here 😀

      I love gaming but its no longer my primary use of spare time – books to write, art to doodle, kids to raise.

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