The Inks Continue, The Gaming Slightly Less Focused

I could blame #inktober for my lack of gaming focus but to be honest its still more about not having a core game outside of Dota2 to play as I mentioned a blog or two ago.

Nothing much has changed there however I did pickup Hex the TCG that falls somewhere between Hearthstone and Magic The Gathering in complexity. Its in open beta at the moment but as its taking in real cash for cards its hard to claim its anything but released.

The AI of the computer opponents is fairly bad and it takes my starter deck misfiring in a serious way before I lose. Of course like HS and MTG its really about playing against others. There are considerable barriers to that – the tutorial leaves you with very little preparation to pvp, one deck and a few thousand gold to bid for things on the auction (if they aren’t real cash items that is)

Unlike HS the AI battles do not seem to reward you with cards or coins making progress outside of pvp hard and given that the power curve of legendary and rare cards are what you would expect to see in a TCG it is a rather intimidating wall to push past.

I will say that the graphics and card mechanics are fun, the turn system a bit quicker than Magic but I’m not sure where Hex is going to find its player going forward. The complexity is enough that their is a barrier to entry unlike hearthstone and it lacks the years of work and polish of Magic. I guess if you wanted to try something sort of new but not really then its the game for you.

As for drawing I continued pottering about with inks:

World of Warcraft – Entrances to the main cities. (I may end up doing all of them)


Gates of Ironforge


Gates of Undercity

I also did a draenei face based off the sketch I did a while ago


As well as some plant sketches (it has been blowing a gale or two here, was more focused on getting the impact of the wind than the details of the plants.)

Wind Blownflower

blossum branch

And finally a few birds:

Black swan

black swan

Young Raven

young raven



And that was the week of art 😀


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