A Gate, a Gorgon.

The last few weeks of inktober continue to dominate my spare time – trying to fill each night with an ink sketch, for the last wee while these have been gates of Warcraft.

There is a lot to like about the style of world of warcraft and it lends itself to inks nicely. I focused mostly on getting layers of color worked out, using a lot more washes and building up after letting ink dry rather than a more dry brush approach.

The shades of ink I seem to find in a single color (blue-black) ink vial is rather interesting. Although sometimes its unpredictable what exact hue you will dip.

Gates of Warcraft (see my last post for the first two)

Thunder Bluff

Gates of Thunder Bluff


Gates of Silvermoon


gates of gnomeregan


Gates of Darnassus


Gates of Exodar

Les related to the WoW theme I also did some silly Halloween inks

pumpkin undead tauren

And a Fantail – a New Zealand native bird.


And a random city – mostly playing with perspectives.

city at the mountains

Gaming wise I am slowly being charmed by the little indie mmo Project Gorgon (wish they would find a better name).

Although not a sandbox it is a much less quest driven game. It has loads of different skills, including improving at dying (which I did a lot)

So far its complete freedom and Everquest1 style graphics have drawn me in and Im finding myself itching to log back on when I have a spare moment if only to practice up playing the drums 😀

Lots of the game involves crafting and collecting of various recipes to research. I have tried to specialize in magic with my fire magic skill unlocking the first 6 fire abilities now.

As soon as my screenshots don’t all come out as black screens I’ll make sure to post a few. It’s free to play alpha at the moment so if you feel like some old school adventuring check it out. (I am called Toriessa – shoot me a friend invite!)


4 thoughts on “A Gate, a Gorgon.

    • melbrankin says:

      yeah its cute in a very old school style. I die lots, and lots, and then some more but never feel defeated – its almost the best measure of progress there is in the game – that last critter that destroyed me, well now i have x more ranks of skill can i take it?

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