The Ink Flows and Nanowrimo Begins.

Well the last week was rather busy with the preparation for the combined birthdays of the twins, my 6yo and my partner. orginally we had planned seperate parties but due to everyone getting chickenpox (asides from me) it ended up with a birthday party combined with halloween.

The Friday before the party I was feeling tired but wanted to start on Stormwind, the final world of warcraft city. Unfortunately instead of my normal safe process of getting things setup and then opening the ink, i did the oposit and fumbled, nocked and split 90% of my ink on the table and a goodly amount on the floor.

Some harsh worlds were spoken about life!

That set back my ink for a few days and I have only just started working on Stormwind now so I hope to have it progressing over the next wee while.

I did manage to finish Orgrimmar

Gates of Orgrimmar

And did a quick sketch of a floating city

floating city

Now that inktober is finished I will slow down a bit on art as I have started into Nanowrimo – the write 50k novel in 30 days challenge that I has been a great source of inspiration for my writing over the last few years.

This time I am doing things a bit differently – I am writing a role-playing game set in a sci-fantasy Earth. I also hope to do some more editing on my novel but it might be a little too much to ask.

If you are doing Nanowrimo this year then you can find me as mylin1, the same name I use for Twitter.


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