Nanowrimo all a go

So the main thing consuming my life at the moment is nanowrimo, the national writing month where we, who are crazy, write 50000 words during the month.

I decided to stick with my rpg game idea and its been a lot of fun to work though it. At current count I reached 15898 words, about a day ahead of the required word count. I have to say that all the book writing and editing I have done since the last Nano has made this one seem a lot easier.

The flip side of all the writing has been a lack of time to do any art so I have decided to do watercolors in December which should be a lot of fumbling fun 😀

Managed a few sketches as below:

Basic concept sketch for the rpg game I am writing


Iris sketch


Cave in the Stones Doodle


And that was about it.

Game wise I have been playing a little banished and pottering about uncommitted to any MMO.


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