Across the 25000 word count I go

As the title says, I have made reasonable progress this week on the nanowrimo. There have been plenty of reasons to fall behind but I have managed to just keep my nose above the word count.

Gaming wise I’ve been watching a lot of the World of Warcraft information flowing from the post Blizzcon hype. I have to say that they are really throwing every thing they can at their player base in the hopes something will stick.

The announcement of gnome hunters was lovely and to mark the moment I’ll re-post my gnome hunter fan fiction at the end of this. (It was a quick write without much editing so readers be warned!)

Dota2 is running its majors currently and my team went through the first round with a 2/1 victory. They gave me a bit of a scare but last game they dominated and are starting to look like a real force now.

A good place to start to watch all the crazy action.

And TotalBiscuit has launched this years SanDisk ShoutCraft Invitational for Starcraft2 which is one of my favourate esports to watch.

Art wise I have been a bit quiet with writing chewing away at my time. Its my birthday soon and the request for cash to buy art supplies has gone out! I am hoping to pick up some goodish quality water color paints and some more brushes.

Using my current ones and my kids water color set I did do a quick sketch.


And I finished the last of the World of Warcraft Gates series with Stormwind

Gates of Stormwind

And did a quick ink painting

winter pond

Plan for December is to get a lot of watercolors done and hopefully to get a character sketch started.


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