Birthday Post mid Nano

Well today its my birthday so what better way than to  do a quick blog post!

its a lovely spring day here, kids are out in the dirt being kids and the cat is sleeping on their beds so the normal things of life are ticking along nicely.

I find myself, as I have done for the past few years, deep in the last push of Nanowrimo. I have just over 36k words now and despite the chaos have managed to put a few hundred words in today with the kids being awake.

I’ve got the base system all worked out for my rpg game and doing a lot of background. Going through at the moment and writing some area settle, giving a few bits of information so that people can have options as to where they start their games.

So all going well I should finish on time, I doubt ill get in before the 30th but I might suddenly get a large chunk of time to dedicate to writing.


Art wise I’ve started my practice for Decembers watercolors – plotting and planning to learn lots during the xmas season.

So far I’ve managed a few trees 😀

winter tree.jpeg

tree in summer

gums at ponds edge


I tried to get back into SWTOR but found starting in with a level 18 character a confusing mess. I think if I do attempt to return I will need to remake something and go thru all the changes as they are presented rather than attempting to work out wth is going on hehe.

Also did a bit of game play with my 63rd level ratonga necromancer in everquest2, inspired by MJ over at doing some new zone intro videos – she always manages to have such enthusiasm that its hard not to want to leap on in and play whatever she is vbloging.

The Frankfurt majors were on for dota2 so I spent a lot of time watching my team go which had its shares of highs and lows but overall the competition was exceptionally good and all the top tier games seemed very close.

Hoping to pickup some more art supplies for birthday, will post a picture if I do. Happy art, gaming and writing to everyone 😀







2 thoughts on “Birthday Post mid Nano

  1. Missy says:

    Happy Birthdaaay 🙂 Here the cold has set and it’s minus degrees celsius, chilly to say the least 😀 But at least the snow is also here as well to brighten up a bit 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day!

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