Pottering in World of Warcraft

So aside from starting to get setup in Everquest2 and Elderscrolls online my buddy  and I decided to do some duo in world of warcraft.

It was a month ago that I resubbed and then unsubbed a few days later so hopefully this return will last a little longer.

We moved to the  server khaz’goroth  on the oceanic cluster and made newbie trolls. As Simcha was coming from an EU account to a NA one she was restarting with zero (ya for recruit a friend and Black Friday sales to reduce her costs.)

We made a pair of trolls, she went shaman and I got stuck trying to decide between druid, monk or warlock. Eventually I made a warlock and we began questing.

Overall it was nice to be back in Azeroth, without any real end goal rush and no requirements to raid. I also caught up with a mate who plays on that server and may join the guild hes in so we can be as social as possible.

Without the bonus experience points you get from heirlooms to speed us on our way (I have them but she didn’t so I didn’t want to out level her)  we managed to get to level 4 before my bedtime.

My wee troll!

Screenshot 2015-11-25 18.51.01.png


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