Winning the Word Count



I pushed over the 50000 word count this morning and completed my 3rd Nanowrimo. This was a lot of fun and the word count was never really a challenge but it kept me honest and working at writing which is fantastic.

I was writing up the changed world in my post apocalyptic world and got through most of Europe before I crossed the line so when I pick up the game again I have so much more to do 😀



With November finishing my next challenge is to do a lot of watercolors – I plan to do as much as I can, hopefully 1 a day like intober.


I spent a little cash on some discounted steam games and picked up the bioshock trilogy which I haven’t played before so am keen to give it a shot


World of Warcraft

We managed to snatch a little time playing our trolls and I dinged 7th by the end of the session. Of all the races post upgrade the trolls have to be one of my favorites.  Still going along with the warlock, having a lot of fun pulling a whole pack of mobs with my damage over time spell and running about like a headless chook while the damage ticks away and my imp snipes them. Very fast way to kill things but I’m sure at some stage it will cause me a few deaths.




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