Yellow Tulips and Unexpected Ice

Painting continued onward with an attempt at a field of yellow tulips. Its kind of a classic painting subject so it was interesting to try my hand at it.

I had mixed success as seems to be the way with learning water colors, the technical aspects of them is easy to muddle even from a good start. I did like parts of the painting and its always the matter of learning as I go with a lot of try, fail, retry going on.

Anyway below is the final copy, I resisted trying to fix anything as the paper I am using up is too low quality to cope with endless tinkering – might be a good habit to get into anyway 😀

yellow tulips

For my next painting  and I are challenging each other to do a painting from World of Warcraft each month – This months painting is of windmills so I chose one from the Forsaken newbie zone – Tirisfal Glades.

Basic sketch idea


windmill sketch

First paint WiP


Second – adding in a few details


Refining details and adding more

windmill WiP3

More to come, should finish this before December ends 😀


Game wise I have been playing a little bit of fallout 4 thanks to the very kind Simcha who gifted me a copy.

Although early days the game is shaping up to be a really great return to fallout, refined enough from fallout3 without loosing the feel of the games.

I’ve mad a high charisma and intelligent character so will be interesting to see how investing in settlements and companions work out.


Writing I have nibbled away at my book, getting into the editing once more has been a real pleasure from the crazy time pressure of Nanowrimo.


And finally – the summer weather to a rather crazy turn today giving us some unseasonable hail.





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