Windmills and Fallout

So aside from a bit of cleanup the windmill is done. I am not super convinced by my paints and will try and pickup some better quality ones over the xmas break.

I finished work for the year and once the family are all looked after my main goals will to be to continue watercolors and editing my book – hopefully I can get a professional editor involved mid January.

Not much art done beyond the mill, been a bit busy/slack 😀

windmill final.jpg


Game wise we managed to get to level 10 with our trolls – I went destruction warlock which even without any heirlooms the power-scaling is ridiculous, I was annihilating everything we fought which does quickly become dull and grindy when that is your solo entertainment out of a game.

Non MMOs ive been playing a lot of fallout 4 and despite what seems to be a few annoying bugs the game has been a welcome return to the fallout universe. I am disappointed that they haven’t worked in any dialog changes for low INT – the 1 intelligence character fallout 2 conversations were one of the highlights.

I should manage another post before xmas but in case I dont- have a safe and fun holiday break!




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