Merry Xmas All

Well we survived the craziness that is kids and xmas morning 😀

Now in a food coma – the kids still being hyper is the only thing keeping me awake!

Have a great xmas to everyone, thanks kindly for all the kind words, encouragement and support over the year – this blog has transformed somewhat from the original posting about newbie game experiences with my growth into writing ( a big thanks to my Nanowrimo buddy  without you I wouldn’t have had the courage to turn my ideas into books – you were the first one there saying “You can” and for that I will always be most thankful.)

And thanks to everyone who supported my inktober attempts and has been cheering me on as I fumble around blindly with watercolors – truly a journey that will take many, many years to master.

Thanks to my duo buddy  who puts up with me being a hopeless MMORPG flibbertigibbet; flipping between games and rarely finding that magical one to call home. Your humor, gaming drive and warmth as a person have been a constant highlight of the year.

My plans for next year is to get book 1 to an editor and to continue with painting and writing in between a smattering of gaming and a lot of family commitments – Life is very rich, full with the sound of laughing kids and I’m not sure it gets better than that.

Peace, love and hugs to you all.




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