Practicing sketches while I organize things

I needed to buy a backing board for stretching my watercolors  (picked one up this afternoon – trying stiff corrugated plastic for a start and probably go back and get a actual board sometime in the future.) so while I was organizing to do that I decided to get out charcoal and pencil and use the large sketch pad I picked up over xmas.

Theme of this pad is going to be people – both real and fantasy and a mixture of somewhere in between.

So below are the three drawings so far – the first is the finish off of the one I was working on a while ago and the other two are over the last few days.


Village witch.

village witch

Girl against tree

girl leaning on tree.jpeg

Young dwarf

young dwarf.jpeg

As well as doing some sketching I am working hard at getting the current edit done for my book so I can send it off for paid edits.

Game wise I have done a little fallout but no more than 10 min here or there.



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