Far Too Hot To Think

Summer finally returned over the weekend and roasted us all with a sweltering 32C/89.6F according to our thermometers.  It actually sapped the creativeness right out of me leaving me pottering about playing games and watching League of Legends spring Split coverage on Twitch.

I also gave Blade and Souls a go and found it okay, much better than the past few imported games I have tried. Still the controls were horrible and the internet is filled with discussion on the breast physics they implemented – seriously I wont go into it other than to say I dont play mmo’s for the sexiness or lack of sexiness of female characters so their efforts were wasted imho. (instead make the trees move in the wind or the sea change direction based on currents or any number of better uses for the programming time.)

This morning my son and I had a go at Trove – he adored the minecraft-like feel of the game and had to be dragged off after his 30 minutes a day play time was exhausted.

Did a quick charcoal in gaps between child minding and took some photos of my sons sunflowers out in bloom – will look to paint them when its not so dang hot!


flowers and fungi.jpeg






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