Book Edits, D3 and Continuing Drawing

The vast majority of my free time in the last few weeks has been spent on book editing. I am closing on the end of the self edits and nearing the fun time when I send the book out to my editor to see what she thinks.

Game wise I have been playing a bit of the season ladder in Diablo III with . She has been playing a witch doctor and I have been smashing things in the face with a barbarian – its a nice unthinking kinda game that is perfect to pickup for 20 min and feel like you have achieved something.

My charcoal is taking shape – still very much a work in progress but the idea I was mulling over is starting to be visible. Brushing the side of the pencil has its challenges but the ability to draw out the details from the drawing without defaulting to detailing has been a lot of fun.


WiP charcoal paintings


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