World of Empty Warcraft

As I posted on twitter I have decided to return to the fun game that is World of Warcraft – I plan to do more still life pictures from WoW so this way I can fly to the place I want to capture screen shots of vases, flowers, random wagon wheels etc without having to spend ages hunting the web for screenshots.

The biggest shock has been how empty my server is – it use to be during my play time that you could hardly move in the main city for people on gigantic mounts – since I have been back I have seen about 10 players total across all the newbie and city zones.

Makes me a little sad – perhaps the latest expansion has dragged players away from the traditional starting points but as it stands its a ghost town.

Anyway a WoW screen shot for you as below and my latest Still Life – Dwarven Tavern.

Next project I am working on is art that will work on a twitter banner, something involving trees and water no doubt!

Goblin Hunter!

goblin hunter

Dwarven Tavern

World of Warcraft - Still Life 3.jpeg.jpeg


Overall I feel I am slowly adapting to watercolors, the biggest thing is finding the time to sit down and do enough layers to get the effect I want. Its a good lesson in patients for me 😀



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