Twitter Backgrounds & Circus Tricks

So art wise I finished off the two very different twitter backgrounds I had been painting. I turned out I need to make them about 1cm narrower so I will know for next time. I tried to do two different styles and for the next set I’ll do the same.



banner art 2.jpeg

I finished editing my book and its off to get some external edits before returning to me with lots of red pen I imagine. So while its been dismantled its time to start back into book 2 – I am very excited to be writing again!

Game wise I swapped for a Forsaken Warlock as I got sick of the goblin voice acting and I found hunters rather dull to start with (sorry all the hunters out there!)

For the next tabletop game I am running I am writing a light system based around a bunch of mystical circus members who fight the infernal underworld of the Unseen Court. Its using a combination of cards and dice in its system – should be a lot of fun.




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