The Dark

Echoes in the dark
the beat of dooming drums

catching tempo like a heart
soon to still on bloody blade

we grip our steel and shift as one
uneasy in the waiting gloom

eyes twinkling in the torch’s light
soon to still on bloody blade

the sounds of marching
echo in the darken halls
closer now they strikes a chord
that deafens all and shakes the ground

no words are shared
for none would ease
the burden of our stalwart guard
waiting in the ever-gloom

muscles twitch, faces snarl
shadows coalesce into a form
with tooth and claw as long as spears
and pelt that turns an arrows shaft

war is called and all respond,
in clash of steel and blood and bone
hewn down to never rise
friend and foe
break upon the cold stone
breathing out their last

for kin and king we stand and fall
against the endless waves of night
they brief upon our steely shores
then wash away in tides of might

eyes that twinkled in torch’s dying light
a ruddy glow of promise spent
now still and drawn with ends embrace
names and deeds stole away
captured in the ever gloom
sealed upon a bloody night


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