Poem – Entombed

This poem is a little dark so I have left this bumper so that it hopefully wont show directly to twitter.

Bumper image is a free one from http://wallpapercave.com/



Biting cold encircles limbs
weighted down by seeping fears
dragged low by unsaid words
cut with unseen terror

whore frost drapes from morbid limbs
entwined in soup of shadows
swimming through mind and thoughts
caught in eyes
like cars headlights
staring into the oncoming crash

pain would be a release
from entombing numbness
screams are stifled,
locked within
a wall of flesh and bone

only eyes betray the loss
the sack of skin enveloping
the grunt of lust
the flow of visceral

stabbed in mind
but the body shows no mark
save for the stink of another
soaking into the soul


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