Easter Shuffle & Finished Twitter Banners

Opps! where did that weekend go – actually I was out all Sunday so didn’t get a chance to post my regular update – apologies about that.

Drawing and painting wise its been a very low productivity week so I just managed to finish the last banner – here it is as a single and the three put together to make the overall painting.  I have my next painting drawn out – its a matter of having the non-child space to start working on it!

Anyway Happy Easter all.

banner 4 brick wall


banner total of 3


And a quick sketch I did this morning

rushes under clouded sky.jpeg

Writing wise I am re-reading book2 to get back into the various threads I had started and hopeful that I should finish the overall story in the next few months. (Then its back to edits!)


Gaming wise I have been enjoying World of Warcraft, playing a forsaken warlock and I reached level 51 now and have 1 more zone of questing to go before I complete the areas meta-achievement for questing.

My brother gave me a 7 day pass to Black Desert Online so I have been giving that a try too. So far its a hot mess of confusion that forms a massive wall to what is actually a very deep and engaging game under it. As others have said on Twitter and the blogs – BDO is its own worse enemy when it comes to the new player experience.

If you can grab a 7 day copy its well worth it but just be prepared to be lost and need to reference third party sites if you want to know what the heck is going on. I have made two characters so far and although the newbie zone is the same for each the way I played offered a different feel to the zone. The quests are hub based drawing players on a journey through the world but I felt that they progressed far faster than my “I need to do everything” gamer personality would like.

As the game is buy to play its definitely on my list of pickup when I have some spare cash.





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