Watercolors of April

Its autumn/fall here in New Zealand so the weather is turning and the leaves are starting to change colors on the trees – until we get a whole bunch of days at 25C+ (this has been the weirdest years weather). So asides from catching as much sun as I can I have also been committing to making sure I paint every day.

Already I am seeing some improvement in what I am attempting and been having a lot of fun with it too. Currently I am working on a painting that may take a while as its my most detailed and thoughtful bit of work so far.

Its also clear that my paints and paper need another upgrade if I am going to work this way as they are struggling to keep up with what I am asking of them. My paints are just above student quality and I cant pretend they are working for me much longer!


Anyway a mixture of success and semi success as below 😀

Sunset Lake

lakeside dusk

Old Road with farms

sunset plains.jpeg

Tulips on hill

tulips on hill


As well as watercolors I also did  some water color pencil sketching as below(very quick sketch and the scanner did something strange with the bottom bit sorry!)

quick sketch


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