Pine Vale and Deviantart

My painting each day in April is still continuing along nicely – its teaching me lots about my paints and paper, more so that any other attempt has.

I finished my latest painting of a pine vale as below. It took about 2 weeks of on and off work to complete and my partner decided to frame it and hang it on the wall which is a first for my art hehe.

pine vale.jpeg

and framed

2016-04-10 19.46.57.jpg


Aside from that painting I took a big scary (for me) step of creating a deviantart account and begun uploading all my work to it. Its actually really nice to have it listed in one spot that is only for art as all the work tends to get lost on a blog.

For anyone who wants the link is (very imaginatively)



6 thoughts on “Pine Vale and Deviantart

  1. melbrankin says:

    Thanks kindly! It’s very nice to start to get to understand watercolors a little now, makes it easier to create closer to my minds vision. Cheers for the deviant follow, site seems really useful for organisation of art and community has been very welcoming

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