The First Step – Poem

I saw a dream caught in a look

tangled in a swallowed laugh

merriment bound and caged

cascading out of memories


down the road of abandoned dreams

the song of what could always be

drums a beat to jig along

drawing all within its strikes


dancing hopes bobbed along

streams of giggling gabbering

free of fears and hesitance

skipping stones across the lake

rippling out of memories


burst forth with butterflies

cast from stomachs confines

lifting high, unstoppable


hopes flow into the void

where abandoned imaginings once reside

bound then freed

cascading out of memories




we revel in hopes and dreams

set free to joyfully reside

merriment once bound now freed.










2 thoughts on “The First Step – Poem

    • melbrankin says:

      To me this was about breaking free from our fear built cages and taking the first step towards the hopes and dreams fear has repressed. But by no means is that a dictate – readers I hope take their own personal meaning from the space the words create and any images it invokes.

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