Hearthstone, Evil Baldurs Gate and some WiP


The new expansion for Hearthstone was released this week and I had a little bit of time to leap in and open my packs. Nothing super cool but it was really nice of Blizzard to give away 3 packs for free.

Hearthstone Screenshot 04-27-16 17.43.46Hearthstone Screenshot 04-27-16 17.44.06Hearthstone Screenshot 04-27-16 17.44.33

Aside from Hearthstone I have been sinking a lot of game time into playing the steam version of Baldurs Gate 1. For something different I decided to make a Neutral Evil cleric of Talos (god of storms http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Talos) and play the game as a evil character who was completing the tasks for their own reasons rather than a hero.

The biggest challenge is keeping your reputation low enough so your group of evil antihero arent unhappy but out of the range that the Flaming Fist (troops in the area) do not attack you on sight.

So far its bee a heck of a lot of fun, so much fun that I decided to run a similar evil campaign in tabletop pathfinder. (we make characters tomorrow night so its going to be interesting to see what the players decide on. I suspect there will be a half ogre, a couple of drow and perhaps a dero or two.)


And art wise I completed my April challenge of painting every day which was a hugely satisfying accomplishment for me hehe.

Work in progress as below

2016-04-28 16.39.272016-04-29 15.53.2820160430_170147



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