Baldurs Gate Defeated and BG2 Started


I managed to take an entirely evil alignment group through baldurs gate 1 and win. The last boss was really tricky, I cant count the amount of times i wiped at the last bit – reminded me of raiding hehe.

I imported my character into baldurs gate2 (I wouldnt mind picking up the bg1 expansion but its not in the budget atm).

This that were interesting with the import. (some sort of spoilers if you haven’t beaten these games). I dont really expect the game to handle all the story twists but for the record some were fairly major.


I ditched her at the Friendly Arm Inn in in BG1 and never talked to her again. In BG2 she rambles about all the things I did with her even though she was dropped as soon as I had my beloved necromancer. I was relieved when she was captured and I also like the option to say “I dont really care about her but I guess I should rescue her to get at the mage” conversation lines – bioware does some nice dialog of course 😀


My good friend the conjurer wanted a witch called Dynaheir dead and I was dishonor bound to go kill her. Fortunately she had got herself caught by gnolls and once they were dispatched she was easy to finish off.  Upon encountering Minsc later I mocked him enough about her death to have him agro me and proceeded to kill him too. (sadly he didn’t drop a hamster on death)

In BG2 he was alive and well (although captive) and I could rescue him to continue our adventure – a sizable disconnect.

Jaheira & Khalid

I dropped them off at the Friendly Arm Inn too – they didnt approve of my alternative path and to be honest even playing good it was hard to deal with Khalid. In BG2 I did have fun taunting Jaheira about him she is such a good sport about these things that she is still with me currently.


New Fav Friend


I wonder if the game players of BG2 are divided on her but I adore her and her quotes, she is that sad drifting goth thief that I must have a soft spot for.



I finished my Mossy Forest

mossy forest.jpeg


And started a new painting – Work in Progress:






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