A week of dragons

The lovely @Faebelina on twitter had a community art event where everyone could join in and post to the hashtag  to encourage artist of all talents to get together and create art each day of the week.

It was a wonderful experience and the art is well worth checking out on twitter – I am fortunate to share twitter with some very talented artists to inspire me 😀

For my art I decided to do heavy water based dragons – let go most of the control and see if I could paint with flow and the chaos of wet on wet painting. It was an interesting experience and had mixed results but I learnt a lot and had heaps of community support which was lovely. (also learnt my paints are not high enough quality to cope well with that kind of painting.)

Anyway, here are my 7 days of dragons from Monday to Sunday





daily dragon2.jpeg













I also finished my floating forest painting. I picked up a new green sap tube, the first time I have used tube paints, and was most impressed with the color.

floating forest.jpeg



I have been pushing through Baldurs Gate2, I don’t find it as engaging as BG1 still and I have dropped down to 4 party members which is making it tricky – I haven’t found enough evil people to recruit and the good ones moan when we are off being evil 😀

Still hopeful of finishing it soon and moving on to the Throne of Bhaal.

I’ve been playing my druid in WoW a bit, I still want to tank some with him but I don’t want to deal with tanking in WoW so I guess I will just heal as always. (Turns out its possible but not recommend to heal an instance in your guardian gear – oops!)





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