Coastline, Tulips and Moonlight

Well its been a good week art wise. I have been keeping my Paint Each Day goal going strong – managing to find time even when its been very busy both at work and at home. My writing has suffered somewhat for it, there is only so much wiggle room so I’m looking at strategies to push though the conversation about time that are the real cause of my slow progress on my book 2.

Game wise I am deep in the underdark in Baldurs Gate2, getting a little frustrated with a current fight, my scripts on the heroes seems to be designed to suicide them forward just before I win it and I am forced to reload.

In world of warcraft I am continuing to slowly level up my druid, mostly though skinning and leatherworking grind and a handful of dungeons – its slow going but then I dont really have anywhere to get to. I have decided not to buy the next expansion at launch – the price coupled with the problems with Warlords has put me off.


tulip field.jpeg






and my current, very early WiP for the next painting.



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