Crash and Bleh and Picking Up

Its often true it seems that good weeks are often followed by less good when it comes to the constant work at improving art. I have a stack of about 5 abandoned pictures to show for the week that was.

I understand and expect plateaus when you are doing art or writing but its never fun to have to smack your creativity against the wall of fail over and over. Still such is life and I learnt a lot from all the fails so can I really call them failed? (actually one was horrible – I can call that one fail hehe)

A lot of sickness in the house at the moment so I missed my normal Sunday post so this is a pretend Sunday!

Of the little art I managed to finish there were aspects of it that I liked and bits that didnt work.

After Rain

after a rainshower.jpeg

Cloudy Sky (this had toddler interruptions so clouds didnt get finished in time)cloudy sky.jpeg





Still the focus on water and movement of that and clouds continue to be my main goal.


And my current WiP (last one was in the abandoned pile) ((my 3.5yo boy took the photo so its a little wonky)

2016-05-30 17.15.07





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