Washing and Pottering

This week I have been playing a lot with water and trying to work out ways to push paint around in it to a greater or lesser degree. It was mixed results with some bits being nearly good and others a fairly not. But its all for the good of learning the craft so I’ll take the challenge on.

I’m still pushing through the mental fight of feeling everything I do is horrible and I’m sure that will continue as I get better – always aiming for the next level has you very often dissatisfied with were you are. Still some parts of the puzzle feel like they are falling into place.

I got another good paint and some more paper so pushing on with the learning!

World of Warcraft – Wetlands at Dusk



Wet on wet paintings – lots of flowing colors with limited control:

Misty dragonrabbitwaters edgered dragon


And finally more control but still very much flowing and layering wet on wet paint

river run


4 thoughts on “Washing and Pottering

    • melbrankin says:

      Thanks kindly for all your lovely support:D

      It feels like 1 step forward 2 steps backwards most days but I stop and look at my first painting and that grounds me on how much progress I have made hehe.

      I dont know if I will ever at the level I want to be but I keep on reminding myself that its a journey and enjoy the path I’m walking 😀

  1. Rediskot says:

    Good old wetlands 🙂 I too find WoW art immensely inspirational, but I never thought of trying to draw their beautiful landscapes, which is a shame, it could really help me… Thanks for a great idea!

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