Dragon and Dawn

I managed to complete the dragon i was working on and even did a quick painting of my city at dawn – the original photo I based on one from my brothers collection.


red dragon2.jpeg.jpeg


And Dawn

chch dawn.jpeg


Aside from painting I have been pottering away at my book some more and almost reached 70k now. Slowly going forward.


Games wise I discovered my original Word of Warcraft toon – a 70 warrior was on the server I am playing on so I undeleted him and dusted him off. I have to say that warriors feel slow and disconnected atm from my limited play. As arms I feel like a slower version of my guardian druid and the druid itself is about as slow as I can cope with.

It has also been a free open beta for Atlas Reactor the game from Trion which is a turn based moba. After several days of playing I am still on the fence about how successful they have made the transition from action to turn based. For me the game feels stilted and often given that actions come before moves there is a medium amount of tactics and what feels like a larger amount luck to make your actions land.

I played each of the support classes and did not really connect with any, they sort of did their job but felt underwhelming to play and unable to keep up with the damage that was being thrown out. I get that having uber healing wouldn’t work but I think the dial is set too low for the support classes to make them enjoyable or impact in a game.

Even the hardest support character felt underwhelming in its ability to made a difference.

It looks like its going to be a buy to play on release which given the free nature of the two monster Mobas (Dota2 and League of legends) this is going to be a tough sell.


As well as WoW I have been teaming up with my normal gaming buddy to return into Final Fantasy 14, given the problems I had with my account I decided to pickup a new steam copy during the summer sale and got gifted from Simcha the Heavensward expansion. The game has been delightful to return too and hopefully we can get to level cap before the next expansion hits 😀


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