Moving Blues

Moving house when renting really sucks – I am sure it sucks when you own a home but the rental market here has typically been horrible and its annoying to be thrown back into it. We had planned to stay in our current spot for another 1 year before buying but given the landlords unreasonable rent demands we were forced into the market again.

The negativity aside, the market has cooled here and we are hopeful of getting a nicer house for cheaper – still the clock is ticking, a few weeks we have to be gone and nothing signed is drowning us in stress.

I really haven’t been in the creative frame of mind for anything, hiding in skyrim has been my default or playing Today was nice and sunny and we returned to the local park to let the kids jump in muddy puddles and catch Pokemon. The outing did all good and I managed to do a painting – as below 😀

With most of my focus on rental searching and the fact I face a few weeks without internet the blog might miss some uploads but I will do my best to keep my NZ Sunday night updates.

hugs to all

dead trees.jpeg


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