The House of Bleh!

Actually the new house still remains awesome – however everyone in it, asides from my partner had half a week of sickness – oh the joy. We are mostly recovered (my 3.5yo daughter still getting the very occasional bouts however) and hopefully heading towards the path of wellness.

Due the sickness I played a lot of World of Warcraft, although I even got too sick to sit at the computer – which is a serious waste of sick days!

Aside from WoW I used both my free boosts to 95 that Everquest2 was offering (I have had two paid accounts there) and instant leveled my baby necromancer who was my current main from 62 to 95. The transition was very smooth and thankfully by 62 u have a lot of the core abilities so that the overwhelm wasn’t too bad. I also boosted a Templar on my second account, she now sits with my conjuror waiting to be played there.

While in recovery the part of the second book I have been stuck on started to flow, the story untangling from all the blocks and began running freely forward. It is such a warm welcome back, I had contented myself with poems and editing a short story for creativity but nothing beats the feel of adding chunks to book 2 of your series.

Art wise I have yet to find where I packed all the supplies and combined with sickness its left me with another barren art week.

Spring is almost here so with warmer weather and better light I’m keen to kick of a couple of weeks of dust and get back to painting.




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