Mostly Back to Normal, Mostly

Unpacking is something that seems to go on for as long as you live at a place, only stopping when its time to begin packing for that next move. On the unpacking front I found my art supplies and now all I need is the space to do some art.

The sickness that struck last week and a sting in its tail which had me out for a few days with a final hurrah! Thankfully I am feeling a lot better now which is good as I have 7 days to edit and submit my short story for the Christchurch writers guild latest anthology.

Game wise I have been playing a lot of Skyrim and a little bit of Elderscrolls online. The mass invasion leveling has left me feeling a little flat with World of Warcraft – not having the expansion during the first few months of excitement is also hard. I am happy to report that the guild I am in has about 50 active players in it at any one time – up from 5-10 during the lull period.

Next Sunday there will be some art to post – even if its a few random trees – they are out in flower here as spring time has launched into full force.




2 thoughts on “Mostly Back to Normal, Mostly

  1. Rediskot says:

    I’m loving Legion so far, even though I still think they’ve butchered my class mercilessly, RIP demon form. Will you be writing a little about the game once you’re able to play? I’d love to read your thoughts on the expansion 🙂

    • melbrankin says:

      The general buzz has been very positive and its going to be interesting to see how the new end game shapes up and if they can finally pack in enough stuff for people to do.

      Yeah its tough when you have a class you love and find it has been drastically altered – i know a few friends of mine who burnt out from class change and others who love the new expansion changes.

      I’ll definitely write up something but I really dont know when I will get the expansion – I might just wait till its 50% off as I have no raid time it doesnt seem critical to be in game atm other than to hang out with friends (which is the main draw when you are playing without the new shiny!)

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