Last Paper and WoW at 6 years old

So I finished my last watercolor paper with the painting below. I was aiming for a stylized painting of native bush and bamboos combined with the hint of a pool or waterway behind it.


Hopefully I will pickup some more paper on the weekend but until then I will try and do some charcoal drawings.


Interesting enough a portion of my game time was devoted to watching my 6yo son play world of warcraft. It was interesting how he found a lot of the systems I take for granted confusing. Fundamental things like quests were an oddity to him – all he wanted to do (and what he did mostly) was run around and kill things.

He found quest givers hard to find and often could not bother reading any of the quests so was left confused as to how to complete it.(I do that myself some days so must have inherited it!)

One of the other difficulties he had which I hadn’t expected was he assumed that all he saw on screen was the amount of the game – he was surprised to discover he had bag inventory, a skill page and a character sheet – to him these were all unnecessary to his enjoyment.

Lastly he took great delight in climbing up high places and leaping to his death – something that the gamer in me shudders at because of the waste of time and the repair costs.

After roaming around aimlessly, fighting things randomly and leaping, swimming or generally battling himself to death more times than I could count he declared that he really liked World of Warcraft!  Never say this game doesnt have many ways to play and many ways to find your fun 😀





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