Inktober Begins!

As the year rapidly (eep!!) closes out its time to start once more into #inktober – the month of ink painting/drawing/anything with ink. This is how I started on my art journey last year, it helped ramp up my very basic skills into bad but showing some promise and since then I have spent a large amount of the year doing art.

Inktober swag!

2016-10-01 15.50.48.jpg

I had hoped to get book 2 of my series written by now but this year has been as challenging a one as I have ever had with writing – the blocks have all been my making – something about book two seems to be a insurmountable wall some days even though I have plenty of story mapped out on paper and in my head to comfortably write I haven’t been able to commit.

Right on the heels of inktober comes Nanowrimo so I am hopeful that it will kickstart my writing like it has for the last few years.

Anyway here are day one and two of inktober 😀

Day 1

2016-10-01 16.19.52.jpg


Day 2

2016-10-02 08.15.55.jpg



2 thoughts on “Inktober Begins!

  1. Aywren says:

    These are really neat! I’ve never done Inktober, but I’m trying it this year. I haven’t worked with inks or traditional media in a looooong time. So rusty!

    • melbrankin says:

      Cheers! its not my medium either so it makes it a lot of fun – its nice to see some improvement in skill from my first inktober to this one, its a good yard stick

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