4 & 2

It has been 4 years since our twins arrived and turned our lives completely upside down. I know its kinda cliche but the have been the most wonderful, tiring, unnerving, stressful and magical journey. I can say that having twins is about ten times the chaos as when we had one and that is perhaps an underestimation of their impact!

Now they are four they often sit with me and use some of my old water color pencils to paint and draw along with daddy which is just lovely and I hope that exposure to art and the creative process I use will give them a head start into being much better artists or at a minimum give them an appreciation of the variety of art out there and that their endeavors do not need to look a particular way to be worth while.

During the week I also crossed into the 2 year of doing art myself – with the kick off of inktober last year I felt that I was for the first time committing some time and effort to getting better at art as opposed to wishing myself a master and doing nothing to earn it.

Results are varied, I am definitely getting better at some aspects of art and find other aspects challenging – when I try things outside my comfort zone I feel like a complete beginner half the time.

So below is inktober 2016 so far! (as with every year I am doing a mix of “never done” and working on improving what I know.

My son requested Pokemon!

2016-10-03 11.58.04.jpg

Having white paint instead of just using the paper is an interesting experience.

2016-10-04 13.29.19.jpg


Ducks are cool

2016-10-05 14.54.51.jpg


Below is a fine example of an idea that didnt work at all but i kinda like one eye…take it with the good times and try and learn from the fails 😀



I like the wings on this one 😀

2016-10-07 13.59.03.jpg


It wouldnt be inktober without a water and ink of a raven now would it?

2016-10-08 09.25.05.jpg


2016-10-09 15.28.25.jpg





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