Into the Groove

Its fair to say that finally I am getting the hang of how I want to paint with the inks. Sure my ideas are far outstripping my ability but its a progress that is satisfying none the less.

As inktober draws rapidly to an end I’m looking forward to Nanowrimo with a mixture of excitement and dread – the 50k word count should be the kick I need to put my book two back on track but the commitment to write each night seems rather challenging atm.

Anyway – below are the latest paintings from today’s and working backwards.

2016-10-23 19.32.43.jpg





and not related to anything else:

2016-10-18 17.47.45.jpg



5 thoughts on “Into the Groove

    • melbrankin says:

      Its FW Acrylic Artist Ink – comes in a small glass bottle with a eye dropper top. Water based so you can use it sort of like water colors with limitations on the blend/hold ability – or paint it like acrylics like I am or put it in a pen etc and use it that way.

      Im using standard synthetic brushes and watercolor paper (cheap stuff with 30% cotton at 90lb)

      • Aywren says:

        I’ve never been much of an ink artist – I’m lucky to get ink pens to do what I want them to! When I used to draw in more traditional media, it was usually color pencil. So I didn’t know ink could be use in this way (I knew about ink wash, but that’s usually greytones). Thanks for explaining! 🙂

  1. melbrankin says:

    Thats the fun of inktober – I’m just learning as I go 😀 post inktober ill look at using my watercolors and inks in some combination – although my inks are for the most part higher quality so its making a huger difference that even I knew.

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