Ruins and Regrowth

I went into the central business district of my city on the weekend. While waiting for my car to get a service I did a tour to see what remains of the quake damage and how far the rebuild has advanced since the Feb22 quake destroyed much of it.

Pictures as below:

Once were building!

2016-11-12 09.42.09.jpg

Some ruins standing

2016-11-12 09.43.42.jpg

This was a main city road, lots of the buildings have fences up which cut down much of the roadways throughput. I think we have kept the makers of  roadcones very very wealthy!

2016-11-12 09.45.48.jpg


Shipping containers used when the height and stability of the building make it likely to fall in another quake.

2016-11-12 09.52.07.jpg


2016-11-12 09.52.10.jpg

At least the pigeons find a useful nesting spot

2016-11-12 09.52.21.jpg

Bogs taking root in the ruins of basements

2016-11-12 10.01.00.jpg


But even with so much devastation the city has covered itself in art spots and areas for people to come and hang out.

2016-11-12 10.07.54.jpg

This is huge, props to anyone who can do art on this scale!

2016-11-12 10.13.16.jpg


There were some burnt out buildings, heaps of art spaces that I didnt manged to get a good photo of but above sort of covers much of it.


Painting wise I managed to do a couple more inks on canvas:

2016-11-08 11.23.45.jpg


2016-11-09 15.00.55.jpg

Nanowrimo wise I have been keeping up with my word count but not pulling ahead like I had hoped. The story has been great to get back into but the fight to write book II that others have described is real!



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